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World Renowned , Award Winning International Counterculture Photographer       

Sly Vegas

Sly Vegas is one of the industry’s most prominent counterculture, lifestyle, concert and event photographers. Sly has been published in many international cannabis culture publications including High Times ,Dope, Skunk , Sensi, Culture, Revista Canamo Espana, Chile, &  Mexico and many others, as well as guest appearances on multiple popular photography and counter culture podcasts and radio shows. Propelling himself into a league of his own, Sly, in a very short time, has become a leader in his industry, providing unrivaled world class editorial imagery to his clients. Sly has forged an unmistakable signature shooting and post processing style which has gained him immense attention in the counter culture / artist community and has made him a highly respected and sought after photographer. Sly’s artistry, passion, commitment to excellence, and desire to constantly raise his own bar all translates in his work. Sly’s aim is to provide his clients with a standard quality of imagery which far surpasses their expectations. Behind the lens lies one of the counterculture and cannabis industry’s most devoted and generous contributors of thought provoking, inspirational photographic art. Sly has managed to captivate a very large audience and Gain immense internet traction, and popularity on social media. He is a well-known face and personality at concerts, counter-culture related events, and cannabis expos. This has enabled him to reach millions of people with his art. Sly’s exposure and reach has been a major contribution to the extended visibility of many musicians, bands, brands, businesses, and persons of interest. Sly has been an active member of the cannabis community since 1992 when he began running and eventually owning retail smoke shops. He has been a cultivator for over 30 years, and throughout his lifetime has played the role of martyr, activist, and enthusiast. His decades of experience and love for the counterculture has lent itself to his drive and passion for aggressively capturing today’s fast paced cannabis movement

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